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Артикул: нет
Standard specification: APS-C 23.5x15.6mm, 24 Mega Pixel,
E PZ 16-55mm, F3.5-5.6 OSS. For supply: fixed focus
handling; customized shutter cable (for X61 only)
262 500 тенге
SkyPhoto is a professional package solution
designed for transforming low-altitude aerial
images into consistent and accurate points
cloud, DEM (Digitized Elevation Modeling),
DOM (Digitized Orthophoto Modeling) mosaics,
etc. The software features sharply in not only
one-key processing for workflow automation
but also advanced settings and editable output
options, specifically engineered to meet the
demand of both specialists and beginners.
  • Производитель:
9 100 000 тенге
Артикул: нет
X61 is a hexacopter, which is manufactured by
SOUTH based on independent research and
development. SkyWalker X61 is designed to
drastically minimize the time and costs for
collecting huge image data and guarantee the
desired reliability by utilizing virtual 3D
modeling from aerial photogrammetry.
  • Производитель:
17 500 000 тенге
Артикул: нет
We proudly present the fixed-wing drone
SkyCruiser AS1200. It is built for aerial
mapping and terrain modeling larger
areas including mine sites and stockpiles,
and undertaking topographic survey.
  • Производитель:
13 000 000 тенге